Healthy. Local. Authentic.​

The Hive is a quick-service restaurant that offers a globally inspired menu containing healthy grain bowls along with house made sangria, and Landshark lager! We pride ourselves on sourcing fresh and local ingredients here on Ambergris Caye. Our customers have the freedom to choose their own grain, protein and style of toppings. Whether it'd be tropical fruit and oatmeal for breakfast, zesty Mediterranean quinoa bowl for lunch, or a savory Asian tofu rice bowl for dinner you won't leave disappointed. 
  1. Tropical Morning Bowl
    Tropical Morning Bowl
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1. Choose your Base
White Rice 
Romaine Lettuce
Quinoa (add $1bzd)

2. Choose 3 toppings
-tomato  -onion  -cucumber  -broccoli  
-sweet potato  -carrot  -peppers  -avocado  
-pineapple  -banana  -plantain  -mango

3. Choose your Sauce
-Marie Sharp Hot Sauce  -Peanut Soy asian glaze
-coconut curry sauce  -olive oil oregano dressing
-lime wedge  

add Ons
-fried egg+$2   -Breakfast sausage+$3
-Chicken+$5   -tofu+$5   -black beans+$1
-chick peas+$1   -cheese+$1   -Feta+$1 
-flax seeds+$1 -scoop of peanut butter+$1

Our flexible menu allows the customer to create their own grain bowl by choosing from the following 3 categories…​​


Tropical Morning Bowl
oatmeal with a mix of plantain, banana, and mango & or pineapple surrounding a dollop of yogurt topped with cacao nibs and cinnamon

Protein Power Bowl
oatmeal with a blend of peppers and onions, a made-to-order egg (add breakfast chicken sausage 3bz)

Seasonal Fruit Bowl
oatmeal topped with a variety of seasonal fruits and specialty toppings

*upgrade your breakfast with quinoa or steel cut oatmeal for $1

Lunch & Dinner 
include a choice of white rice or romaine lettuce
*upgrade to quinoa for $1

Spicy Mexicano Bowl
Black beans, pico de gallo, cheese, avocado (seasonal),
marie sharp hot sauce

Zesty Mediterranean Bowl
tomato, onion, cucumber, olive, feta, olive oil oregano dressing

Curry Bowl
Chick peas, onion, sweet potato, coconut curry sauce

Savory Asian Bowl
Carrots, peas, Broccoli, peanut soy glaze
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Where Are We Located? 

Mahogany Bay Village is a fresh and energized take on the conventional resort community — pulling from the culture, values and architecture of Belize. Featuring a four-star resort, private homes, a burgeoning townlet, Bay and Beach Clubs, and a Spa, the development offers up a 360-degree travel experience unlike any other in Belize. This 60+ acre property is sustainably built with the passion and vigor of the country’s finest craftspeople. With its unique blend of upscale amenities and old-world Belizean charm, guests and residents get an authentic taste of Caribbean life flecked with familiar, modern-day luxury.   

Meet the Owners!

Colleen & Niki are young entrepreneurs from Boston, MA who share a passion for supporting organic, locally grown ingredients. They combined their experience in the food & beverage industry with their education and love for small business and created The Hive.